Republic of Honduras


The Pre-Columbian city of Copán is a locale in extreme western Honduras, in the Copán Department, near to the Guatemalan border. It is the site of a major Maya kingdom of the Classic era. The ancient kingdom, named Xukpi (Corner-Bundle), flourished from the 5th century AD to the early 9th century, with antecedents going back to at least the 2nd century AD. The Maya civilization decayed, and by the time the Spanish came to Honduras, the once great city-state of Copán was overrun by the jungle.

After the Spanish discovery and subsequent conquest, Honduras became part of Spain's vast empire in the New World. The Spanish ruled Honduras for approximately 3 centuries.

Honduras became a state in the United Provinces of Central America in 1821, and an independent republic with the demise of the union in 1840.

The Football war of 1969 was fought with El Salvador. It lasted approximately 100 hours. During the 1980s, Honduras was used as a large military base of the United States to create, train and support the anti-Sandinista contras fighting the Nicaraguan government and to support the government of El Salvador forces fighting against the guerrillas trying to oust a long succession of violently repressive military dictatorships, and military backed governments.

Hurricane Fifi which caused severe damage took place around on September 18 and 19, 1974. Later, Hurricane Mitch devastated the country and wrecked its economy in 1998.

Republic of Honduras

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